Friday, February 28, 2014


Not really too much going on on the ADHD front right now besides the usual. I got my homework done put it up on the board critiqued it took it down to hand in to the professor and what did I do? I put it in my bag to take home.... What? Thank god my professor remembered that I had done it on time... Ugh. I'm waiting to hear from the office for word on if my paperwork has come in which should be soon but they have at least 30 days which seems like forever to me right now. 

In other news I'm sick while on the last leg of my design project. Grrr... I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into bronchitis like it typically does... but oh well... We are nearly at dress rehearsals I just hope that I don't fall asleep during them next week even the 4 hours I was on campus today wiped me out... I got two thirty minute naps in today though which is nice...

I think part of my issue with not feeling well is since I've been so busy I haven't exactly been eating the best which makes my impulses 10x worse. D: So my 'oh crap I wasn't able to pack my lunch today so I'm going to go get food turns into 'oh lets just do that for dinner too'. Luckily I haven't gone over my budget for the month yet but I'm pretty dang close! Blah! 

OH! I keep making bows too and they are really cute. If you want to see some more I typically post them up on my instagram 'sewingartist' is my username so look me up!

Oh and my room is a mess again... whoo.. so there is no update picture on that last post... Oops. Maybe next week after my three tests and my show opens?

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