Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crashing down.

Right now I feel like my life is spiraling out of my control. I can't grasp the idea of a project that is 3 plates that are 18x24 each and I can only work on it weekdays 8AM- 7PM... with 33 blocks of math each and they all take somewhere between 15- 30  minutes for each box. So thats around 8.25-16.5 hours to just do the boxes not even including the actual layout of the plates...
It was due at 8AM this morning and I can't really get a proper extension since I can't get help yet from the learning center... I should be able to get it done by Thursday morning...

Drafting is hard and the requirements is completely unreasonable... We only had 1 1/2 weeks to do this project while everyone was finishing up Drowsy Chaperone; I was completing my design assignment since we start the build on that at the end of this week and getting my portfolio ready for today. I really don't know how time got away from me but I also do know... I need help... and bad cause I know I'm a good student and I hate myself for not getting things done on time.

This is a common view of mine in the shop. You can see Robert at his cutting table.

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