Saturday, February 15, 2014

Therapy #2

So yesterday I met with my therapist. It was an hour long session and we talked about what has been going on. We talked about management strategies that I already use and how I can improve on them. One of the main things was getting organized so that I can locate my things, then we talked about making lists for each day and setting a specific time and place to do my homework. She also thinks that I need to get on medication but we have to get my paperwork from the place that had diagnosed me before she can refer me to a psychiatrist so I'll have to wait till they get that in, which should be a few weeks but my next appointment isn't until the 14th of March which is after my show goes up.

I'm going to work on all of this today as well as my lighting project today since the mechanic said that they were too busy to replace my belt today(ugh). And my mom gave me a $15 gift card yesterday to hobby lobby so I can probably go pick up a few cute baskets for my room and some cute scrap book paper to label them with. She got onto me when she saw my room. I mean I'm the one who lives in it so it's not like she has to see it but my bathroom was at least alright. I know it looks awful but I haven't had any time.

Last night I decided I would start small and clean my bathroom and make my bed which looks great I had forgotten I cleaned my bathroom though so that was a bit of a surprise this morning... I have all of my hair accessories at the top of my mirror now so I can just reach up and grab one instead of searching for them.

Here is my bathroom right now(wearing my heart shirt for v-day)

And this is my room right now... D: Don't judge me too much... 
Most of the stuff at the very bottom is my trash that I am taking out today though so there is that...

Oh and here is a picture of that drafting homework. This was the easy part.


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