Tuesday, May 20, 2014

School is out

School is now out for the summer so I'm free right? No not really... Still no updates from the office about my paperwork. To top the lack of papers most of my summer is self motivated I don't get any class credit and I might not get paid to start putting a 500+ piece collection back together, documenting it, and beginning the preservation process, which is very frustrating. I'm starting to write grant proposals and put paperwork together so we can get the money to do all of this... Hopefully. 

Overall though things are fine I guess I'm still getting distracted by things that I don't necessarily need to do when there are more important things that I probably should do but I guess thats how the ball rolls in this court. 

I will be at SoonerCon 23 this year in Midwest City doing some costuming panels which should be super fun to do. Being on costuming panels means that I need to work up some cash to work on some rather swank costumes though so I look like I know what the hell I'm doing. So for that I got an illustration commission I'm doing and painting a face-up on a lady's doll which I'm slightly nervous about. 

Oh and I'm also looking into grad schools right now for Costume/fashion History. Yay! 

This is me working on the vintage/antique collection.