Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The show will go on

So after two snow days canceling first and second dress for Alcina and a cold kicking my butt with, coughing(my poor roomates), fever, and over all weakness, first/third dress went wonderfully. There are a few issues that we have to discuss with props and some makeup notes but overall it's going really well. Everyone loves the costumes and I think they are looking really well. I have this weird feeling like I didn't design them but not in the way that the show isn't true to my design because it is. It's just this odd detached feeling that I get sometimes about things since I'm used to being a fine artist and really I see the show as being a whole piece instead of just 'oh theres MY costumes' I'm looking at everything the costume, set, lights, everything.

Dealing with all of these pressures of being a designer is really hard on me emotionally and mentally just trying to process it and constantly feeling like I'm making people unhappy especially since I've been given several nasty looks just yesterday from people and it really gets to you especially when they are short with you or say things in front of others that makes you look like an awful person.

Oh well though I suppose... The show goes up tomorrow night and my hands are basically off besides going to the reception and going to see it with friends and family.

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