Friday, February 7, 2014

My intro

I've struggled with ADHD/ADD symptoms since I was 10 I was diagnosed around the age of 12 and put on Concerta they upped my dosage way too quickly(72mg!!) and I began to get awful side effects and passed out in class. Needless to say at 12 that scared me out of medicine of any kind for several years. To this day I am still weary of taking medications but much better.
Through the rest of Middle School and High School I managed my ADHD symptoms through keeping active with ballet and drawing. I've always been a gifted artist so that was my primary way of drawing me back in and settling me down or keeping my hands busy while a teacher talked. I was always getting into trouble for making my sketch book out but a few teachers understood once I explained why I had to do it. When they would take it away I would just space out or I would sit there and fidget till I drove my class mates nuts.
 I'm a bit of a geek and can't decide on a haircolour.
Now I'm in my 4th year of college and my symptoms have been becoming unmanageable. I fidget, stare off, forget to do my readings, forget to buy books, get distracted by a new project at work when I haven't finished the last one yet. My work isn't exactly the most ADHD/ADD friendly.. I work in theatre. Its a world where you give your soul to a production, it runs for a week then it's taken to the dry cleaners and hung on metal hangers till someone else wants to put it on an actor. It's so quick paced which I enjoy because you go from one thing to the next but occasionally I'll get three different jobs at once and I'll get so confused on what needs to be done first. I get into trouble for that a lot...

Since my symptoms have becoming unmanageable I have been trying to eat healthier, workout when I have time, and schedule myself. I am currently eating a semi-paleo diet and I don't eat dairy. I've been doing a little better but it's hard to eat extremely healthy on a student budget especially when you have social friends who don't have dietary restrictions. I'm also starting to see a therapist at the school medical center for my symptoms and talking about whether or not medication is a good option for me. I guess for now what I'm doing will work but the anxiety that my symptoms cause is almost debilitating.

 This is one of the theaters that I work in for school 

And this is one of my pieces of digital art. (1hour drawing)
Till next time! 
~Elizabeth S.

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