Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week two

So it's week two on my meds. Last week I took only a half pill at a time and it seemed to work pretty well. I took one half twice a day so that I could ease into them. They worked really well and I got a lot done on them but they didn't seem to last very long which I guess is pretty expected since it's such a small dosage. Over the weekend I was at Sooner Con working on panels and networking while trying to get a little bit of work done for my layout job. I didn't really need them but I tried them on Friday and decided to not take them the rest of the weekend since I didn't need them to focus and don't particularly enjoy how fuzzy I get after they wear off.

This week I kept forgetting to take them until today and I took a whole pill instead of just half of one. It's worn off now and the only side effect so far has been dry mouth which I hate because I drink a lot of water and it won't go away even after drinking three pints of water... I guess it isn't as bad as the fuzzy feeling even though it is annoying... I do have noticed that I need to be mindful of my eating otherwise I seem to not notice that I've forgotten to eat which isn't ok but from talking to some friends seems to be completely normal. 
Hoping that I can kick out this ten page paper out in two days... I've been ignoring it a bit...

I'll try to keep updating as I get used to the meds. I'm thinking about starting up a vlog for updates too...
Me at Sooner Con this last weekend.