Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Show stuff

I got an exciting few weeks ahead of me with the opera going up in a few week's time with everything going on in my classes. 
Luckily for me on that drafting homework that I submitted late wasn't counted a letter grade down even though it would have only been a C grade but now I have a B so that's great! I also got my drafting test back and got a B on that as well which is fantastic for not studying at all. 

I did clean my room but I forgot to take after pictures hopefully I can get those up later tonight once I get home after doing a few more things for my show and after  geology lab. I'm a little upset right now with how some of my peers in the shop have been reacting to us having more work calls since my cutter draper wasn't able to work on the show until last friday due to the other cutter draper getting overwhelmed by the size of the show that we just put up. So it is getting kind of crazy around here. I've already picked up a few of my old bad habits to keep me calm and focused which I'm a little ashamed of. One of which being smoking. I don't smoke much but I like one sometimes because it gives me a good excuse to take 5 minutes off without having someone question why I need a few minutes to myself. 

Bleh. Anyways I'm trying to be more organized too I got my Drafting homework finished early so I can hopefully start on the next assignment a little earlier since I'll be busy. I also have a big project due on the 6th and a test that is also on the 6th of March which is opening night but I hope that I can plan my life accordingly between then and now. 

~Elizabeth S. 

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