Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pulling it together

I got very little sleep last night due to working late(11PM) and having to do homework. Tonight I got out normal time (5PM) but I had lab till 8PM. I've been working on drafting and attempting to memorize lines for a scene that i have to preform tomorrow. Memorizing lines is so hard right now since I have so much to do and remember right now so it's a struggle to get things in my head. Luckily I know the sorter ones pretty well just the longer ones are difficult.

I'm starting to get nervous about friday too... I don't know what to expect and how much therapy will help...

Breakfast- walnuts & chocolate chips apple grape juice
Lunch- turkey, carrots, strawberries, black berries, & mushrooms.
Snack- chocolate, lemon cake slice(edit:I forgot about the cake)
Dinner- spicy tuna avocado sushi roll, Sweet potato, butter.

I might start putting down Food since it can be a huge impact on my day.

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