Thursday, February 20, 2014


Whelp So it's now Thursday... 11 days to first dress... 14 days to Opening night. Three tests, two assignments, and 8 costumes to build during the next 2 weeks. PLEASE HELP ME!

Here's how the last week has gone so far though.
Yesterday I was given back my test from my acting class which went over actors, word of the day(is this now english too?), plays, and one of the books that we read. I got a whopping 44% on the quiz. it was a 30 question QUIZ. Thats a TEST. Anyways I was blamed for not paying attention and not spending enough time memorizing the material...

This morning I was given back my dimensions assignment from my drafting professor... I got a 65% on that one... Because... -drumroll- I wasn't paying attention. Apparently he want's it to be graduate level work or something too though. Yea I didn't really take the time that I should have(even though I worked on these for 3.5 hours), but I got everything labeled that needed to be labeled and in a way that was legible. I got a 4/5 on my lettering that I didn't use guides for so there was at least some saving grace on that part. It's really silly to expect gold from people who have never done drafting before and it is completely unrelated to their major. Please tell me the reason that I have to take drafting for costume design. I understand History of Decor, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, and all of the labs that we have to do in the different areas but Drafting? I don't get it at all. It's helpful in understanding the job that others do but that's really where the line stopped for me in understanding why I have to take this class. Trust me this class is no less important to me than any of my other classes I just don't GET it.

If this is how this semester is going with me designing a show I don't think that I will add my art minor... I might instead just focus on my main classes and finish the one art history course for my Art History Minor...

UGH. I'm really not sure what more I can do to get the help that I need...

This is one of the costumes that we are making for Alcina:

Designed by Myself.

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