Friday, March 7, 2014

What a week

So it was midterms this week and I've had to get a bunch of stuff done this week since it was also dress rehearsal and opening week. The show opened fine and everything I got my midterms over with lines memorized and all that fun stuff. I still have lots to do though...

Today was interesting. I did my scene and did really well went to the shop and got invited to go out for lunch but I'd have to skip a class that I don't get credit for and isn't actually 'required', so I skipped it... I am way too impulsive... Hopefully I can get that under control cause it's really hard on my bank account... No one said anything about me not going to the class so I don't think it was a huge deal... 
When I went to my actual class we were given a fun assignment of making bum pads for the next show. I know how to make them. ish. so I went full force since we had to get them done by 4:30 but that didn't happen and I was even the fastest at it... I really don't know why they put crazy expectations on us like that sometimes... It's not like it was just a 1 hour project. Plus they started us 30 minutes late and gave us our last piece to cut out and sew 30-40 minutes before 4:30... It really wasn't a fair deal but I hope that I don't get counted off for that... Oh well.. I can finish it another day even if I have to come in early or something. 

In fun news though my best friend is coming to town tomorrow. She has ADHD too so life is going to be interesting this weekend! :D WHOOP! 

Here is a picture of one of my designs. Thank you Mandy Richards for the Photo. 
Set Design by Jon Young, Lighting Design by Kirk Fitzgerald 

Oh yeah and still waiting for the call... I have an appointment next week though so maybe I'll find out more info next week?


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