Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring break

Last week was spring break... Probably the best worst week I've had. Of course I had stuff that I needed to do and I also chose to work but most of the time it was very apparent that I just wanted to laze around all week. It kind of makes me feel awful because I got so little done when I had a good doable list that I wanted to finish but... it didn't happen. It's kind of sad to be honest but I can't change that now. I have school today and tomorrow then I go off to USITT, the apartment inspectors are coming sometime this week and my room is a mess, I haven't finished one of my illustrations for USITT that should have been done ages ago, and I have a vest and tunic that I want to do some hand embroidery on but I only got the tunic sewn together. The good print shop was closed last week too so I couldn't push myself to get the illustration(which is really a simple colouring at this point)finished by wednesday. I hate being so disappointed with myself but thats the way that it goes really...

I tried getting an appointment with a psychiatrist but their office was closed for spring break. I'm so annoyed that it isn't funny at all. It's like life doesn't want me to get help and makes me just want to stick with therapy/coaching but my therapist said that she would recommend medications for me. Still waiting on that paperwork too... So who knows when that will actually get here it's been 40 days now and they legally have 60 days max to get it to us.

Photo credit: Myself

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