Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post Production

So the show is closed now and I am exhausted still. Last night I participated in Arts! Arts! Arts! and it was lots of fun. It was so exciting I got to listen to Betty Buckley practice while I set up the mannequins for the gala. We got boxed dinners after we got everyone dressed but missed cocktail hour which I was a touch sad about. That morning I had forgotten that I was helping with that so I was completely un prepared yesterday and I had to miss class so that I could get my homework finished that was due this morning. I had to finish working on it later that day too which got finished but not until 2:30 AM then I took a shower and went to bed. Either my alarm or my body decided that I didn't need to wake up at 6:30 and I ended up waking up to my 7:30 alarm that tells me I need to leave for class. I was so frustrated and swiftly got up and ready and got there on time. I did forget my rough draft for one of the drawings which was a  bit frustrating but I was tired and flustered so I let it slide.

My midterms  were last week which I thought I did pretty well in I think. I did get at C on my geology test which I'm glad for. It was a bit harder than the last one but it was fine and I'm fine with the grade that I got on the exam.

I have my appointment on Friday which I'm a bit nervous about since I've been everywhere on the scale lately.. I also have been having a lot of issues with impulsive buying which is difficult for me to manage but I'm hoping I can get that managed again even if that means I have to start carrying cash again. Part of the issue is that I love eating out especially when I am super busy since most of the foods that are good for me to eat take preparation.

Oh! My best friend did come this weekend and it was so much fun we had a blast and I got to show her a small snippet of where I live which was super fun and she got to see my show.

This is us. :D 

~Elizabeth S.

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