Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quick update

It has been a while since I updated and I am sorry for that I have been crazy busy these last few weeks. I had spring break, a conference, and then had to catch up on homework. So it has been crazy.

Update on psychiatrist stuff: I called back over spring break to make an appointment with one of the higher rated psychiatrist offices. Well they were closed. I called again this week(I was in Fort Worth last week) and they said they would call me back. Three days later I haven't gotten a call... I am a bit angry about it. So I got a new list from my therapist/coach on friday and I will call them on Monday I am so tired of this spinning around. I also found out on Friday that the old office I was requesting documents from (submitted the paper work 2 months ago) didn't receive it! UGH! I'm so frustrated with this...

My therapist keeps pushing me towards meds now because there is literally only so much that I can do with coping mechanisms but my mind is always out of whack so I can't even slow down my brain enough to do them now. Things that used to work don't any more like keeping a planner. I want to try the meds to see if they help but the last time I took medication it made me feel awful and pass out. At the time I was using Concerta so I know I shouldn't take that. If anything similar or any major mood changes happen I will continue to not take medications.

Someone help me. T_T

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