Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring time

Not too much from the usual has been going on as of late. I've been getting things done and worked on fairly on time and haven't missed any classes. I've forgotten some things and put off others but all in all I'm doing fairly well... I haven't gotten any updates as far as getting my papers in since I'd have to call during a break that isn't lunch, which those breaks don't really exist for me... But whatever. Allergies are my main concern right now since they made me sleep from 10:15 PM yesterday till 2:00PM today... So my overall day is cut more than in half since I typically wake up at 8 AM.

I was hoping to sew myself a 1930's dress to wear for a scene but since I slept for so long I just went to goodwill and bought a cheap dress that was a similar shape. Oh well we live and learn I suppose...

My spending has been a little wonky since I kept eating out for lunches and dinners but now I've gotten some food that I can easily cook and PB&J so I can have a lazy lunch.

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