Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why my drafting class will be the death of my GPA

Last night I finished my drafting project at 10:30 which I figured was a great time to finish, get home, and go to bed. I woke up this morning and saw my petrified piece of wood on my desk and remembered that I have a friggin geology test which I forgot because I would like to get a B in drafting which is my minimum grade for most of my classes, if that is even possible to get seeing as most of the drafting class hasn't gotten anything higher than a C on their projects. I feel so sick to my stomach that I wasn't able to remember my geology test! I had it written own too!

  • Drafting takes precedence over other classes and work to the professor
  • No Clear Instructions
  • Grading system is based on his mood and if your drawing looks pretty
  • No realistic timeline(maybe in the real world)
  • Lab is the only place to work on it which is only open 8AM-5PM and only two people have a key and only one is in our class. 
  • Late late nights are spent in the lab by others who simply copy other's work who finished it first. 
  • Copy cats tend to get better grades than the ones who free handed it. 

I've also been falling behind in Acting class because of drafting. It's all my scene partner can focus on right now since his grandmother has been so sick and died over the weekend so we have had absolutely no time to go over our script and practice. 

I want to cry right now My GPA is slipping so bad right now since so few of my classes are actually applicable to my major right now. 

Predicted results(With optimism)
Geology- B
Character Study- C
Drafting- C
Lighting Design- B
Adv. Costume Construction- A
Special Studies- A

With that Result I might  be able to get a 3.0 when I typically get a 3.5 which is between a B+ and A- GPA and 3.0 is a solid B which would bring my over all down. 

Predicted results(Without optimism)
Geology- C
Character Study- D
Drafting- D
Lighting Design- C
Adv. Costume Construction- A <---Already know my grade
Special Studies- A <--Already know my grade

With those results I'd have a... 2.47. I think I would start sobbing at that point... I haven't had that low of a GPA since I was in Middle School...

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