Wednesday, June 25, 2014

At last!!!

So Yesterday was my first Psychologist appointment. Her and my therapist were in agreement that it was probably best that I try meds especially since I had a history of ADHD and have been on Concerta before. She asked me questions about myself and past visits to therapists and brought up my 'depressed' stage of life when I had a lot of deaths in the family and around me so that was a little awkward but I haven't shown anything similar since early college when my hormones began to settle down. We also talked about her Lynx cats that she had pictures of in her office.

Anyways, after the round of questions she prescribed me a low dose of Adderall  to take as needed. I took half of the pill to start out with this morning and started to work on homework. It helped a bit to just not make my brain think about a thousand things at once which was refreshing. After about 3.5 hours my head got fuzzy and I felt like I needed a nice nap which after talking to my best friend I guess that meant it was wearing off. So I realised it was lunch time and had lunch with a water and took the other half to continue working. After the second dose wore off around dinner I was almost done with homework but not fully finished so I was a little frustrated but decided I could finish it on my own. Granted it took the rest of the day to finish when it might have been done quicker other wise... I have another round of homework and a quiz tomorrow to do as well as some layout work to do so I'll get to test it out again. I'm hoping that I'll get used to the part where it wears off cause that's a bit of a bummer when it happens... Maybe they can put me on a slow release during the school year...

Oh and I found my keys while on my meds today... They've been missing since Sunday.

A work in progress for a commission that I'm working on.

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